Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Professional Development Readers' Advisory for the Perpetually Behind

A while back, I asked people what topics they might like me to cover, then I promptly forgot that I'd asked. Over the winter break, though, I saw some tweets that I'd favorited and thought I'd get back to answering those questions/requests.

Up first?

In some ways, this plagues me, too. In fact, that's how I responded to Valerie's response. I'm hoping that others will chime in both here in the comments and in response to the places I'll post this on social media. I really want this to to be cooperative and collaborative.

Ahead of that, though, here are the things I try to watch:
  • I don't read every post, but I try to pay attention to what both John Warner and Barbara Fister publish on Inside Higher Ed. Warner's blog, Just Visiting, comes from the perspective of someone who adjuncted for a long time. He believes - rightly - that there are better ways to teach writing, and is very loud and shouty on this point. Fister's blog, Library Babel Fish, is billed as "a college librarian's take on technology" but it's so much more than that.
  • There are a few titles that I have access to in print or digitally that I always at least look at the table of contents for each new issue, and a lot of them are open-access:
  • Finally, I have a subscription to Informed Librarian Online, which aggregates a lot and picks out a short list of really interesting articles and books and publications that came out during the previous month.

I've got to be honest - I still have a hard time keeping up with it all, but this cross-section is how I try to keep abreast of what ideas are filtering up and getting published. As ever, Twitter is usually more in the moment, but I try to pay attention to what gets considered in long form.

How about you all? How do the rest of you keep on top of new LIS research and publications?

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