Thursday, January 3, 2019

Just for Fun: No Resolutions, Only Intentions

I'm pretty sure that panel from Calvin & Hobbes was meant to make Calvin look silly, but the joke's on Bill Watterston because Calvin was perfect the way he was. In fact - hold onto your hats - we are all perfect just the way we are. We are all as we need to be in any moment. Sure, your brain chemistry might not be where you want it to be and you might have more adipose tissue than is condoned by mainstream culture. You probably have less money than you'd like and more books on your to read list than you'll ever have time to complete. But really - REALLY - I know in my heart that you are doing the best you know how. So am I. So is everyone.

People make and then break resolutions every year, me included, so this year I'm going to do something different. I'm going to try my hardest to love me as I am. Right now. Sensitive stomach and occasional acne. Bad back and fat legs. Even going to try to love my anxiety. (For those who've been paying attention, yes - this intention is shaped by How to be You.)

The first step in this will be to stop as much negativity as I can. I know this may seem contradictory - I just said I'm going to love me as I am, and then I immediately talked about something I'm trying to change. Not actually a contradiction, since I know my negativity has served me well in the past and if I'm going to love me as I am, I have to love all of me. Kindness is my highest aspiration, however, and I want to make it a habit.

Please take a moment to tell yourself some things you like about you as we move into this new year, with all the wonder and terror it will probably entail. You're a pretty great person. And so am I.

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