Thursday, February 14, 2019

Just for Fun: Valentine Stuff


A day to celebrate all things romantic love, especially cisgendered, heterosexual love, makes pretty much everyone feel less than. Even those of us in relationships that look - at least on the surface - like the stereotypical, media driven ideal, can feel less than. Further, there is so much hype that accompanies this holiday that it makes everything such a hassle. Case in point: I am in a healthy, happy romantic relationship, but we decided to put our plans to take advantage of half price night at a local museum on hold rather than deal with the nonsense around today.

Having said that, I still kind of want to share some of my favorite Valentine related things I've seen this year.

First, there's #ValentineASpecies over on Twitter. I have long contended that #SciComm twitter is the best twitter, and this fun trend is just more proof of that. Here are some fun ones I saw, but I recommend perusing the hashtag if you need a laugh:

Then there's the neural net written candy heart messages. I encouraged people to tag themselves. For the record, I'm definitely "My Hag":


Finally, I've written about how much I admire Jeffrey Marsh before, and their public reminder that aromantic and asexual individuals are just as loved and wanted and supported and seen made me admire them even more:

So, whether you're happily in love and in a romantic relationship, or happily single and looking forward to half-priced chocolate tomorrow, or some other state that combines those two or is a completely other thing, I hope you have a great day.

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