Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Any Topic Requests?

If you've been following this blog, you know I get tapped out for ideas every once in a while, then something comes along and I suddenly have a surfeit of ideas. I've got a few things lined up that I can't publish just yet, for a few reasons, so I'm going to use this week to ask if anyone has anything they'd like me to write. But I need your help to get over the hump, the dry spell, the idea desert I'm currently inhabiting.

So, do you have anything you're trying to handle for which you think advice would help?

Are you curious about my philosophy about a certain part of librarianship?

Do you have a topic you'd like to write yourself, but are afraid of the fallout that might occur if you spoke about something publicly?

Comment here; respond on Twitter or Tumblr; send me an email - librarianjessica at gmail dot com!

I'm ready to help!


  1. Some of my student workers at the library are interested in pursuing an MLIS, but honestly aren't sure if the jobs will be there, or if they will have to relocate to get jobs. I know as a recent graduate myself, relocation was required for me to compete for "entry level" jobs which still too often require multiple years experience. What advice do you have for those paralyzed from the get-go but passionate about libraries?

  2. I got a MLS years ago and I was never able to get into libraries. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there like me and where they ended up? I ended up in retail and, while I'm glad I found a job, I do feel sad I was never able to make a go with libraries. My last interviews years ago for librarian and paraprofessional jobs always included "Where's your experience?" so I stopped looking at libraries and looked elsewhere. I'm not really looking for advice about how to get into libraries (that ship has sailed, I believe.) but I'm just curious if there are others that went through a similar situation?

  3. I'd love some advice on building good working relationships with vendors. My new role involves lots of communication with vendors. Sometimes they will invite me to a meeting or phone call and I'm not sure what kinds of questions I should be asking or topics I should raise. Any advice on this would be appreciated!