Thursday, July 6, 2017

Just for Fun: Nothing More Hazardous to My Health Than Boredom

There's something so compelling about the show Elementary. It's not as quotable as other shows I've discussed on here, but then again it's not populated by archetypes and stereotypes. As much as I adore every other television show I've discussed on LtaYL, there's just a bit more when it comes to Elementary. Normally I try to avoid discussing specifics because I'm trying to get you to watch a show with me, but when it comes to this particular show I can't make any promises. Basically, what I'm saying is spoilers abound.

So here's your last chance to turn around, leave the post, and avoid having the show spoiled.

Still with me?

Okay then...

The first thing that I love about this show is how real everyone feels - even the "bad" guys, but especially the "good" guys. (And yes, I used those quotation marks on purpose: I do mean "so called bad guys" and "so called good guys," since nobody is purely one or the other.) Kitty Winter is damaged by what happened to her, but she is more than that damage. Marcus Bell takes a very very long time to forgive Sherlock for getting shot. And Sherlock's relapse into drug addiction... Also there's the fact that people grow and change and evolve. Maybe not Sherlock himself, because he's frighteningly brilliant (the quote in the title is something he says), but everyone else feels like someone you know or could know.

Next, I love how perfectly Sherlock it is. Not that I've read every Conan Doyle story in existence, but I've read enough to love how this series (like most Sherlock-based series) plays with the original stories. Of course, Elementary avoids the Anglo-centric angries that were attendant upon Conan Doyle's writing... which makes it even better.

Then there's Aidan Quinn. I had such a crush on him when I was younger (Desperately Seeking Susan, anyone?) and he's aged nicely. He's a pretty pretty man, and his acting is exceptional. I know there's a real Lestrade in this series, someone who Sherlock left back in London who occasionally comes back into his life, but Captain Thomas Gregson is fantastic in the Lestrade role. And did I mention how pretty I think the actor is? Oh, those eyes...

Next? The gender flipping of crucial roles. Instead of Professor James Moriarty, we get Jamie Moriarty (who is also Irene Adler?!?!) the art restoration specialist. Instead of Dr. John Watson, we get Dr. Joan Watson - both still veterans of a sort, only Joan is a veteran of the war on drugs. It's the kind of twist I like to think Conan Doyle might have liked, if he hadn't been so busy hating Mormons.

Finally, speaking of Joan Watson, can we talk about how amazing Lucy Liu is in this? I've always liked whatever she's done, but with Elementary, I finally saw what an amazing actor she is. Sure, I've had a bit of a crush on her since Kill Bill, but her performance in this series just blew me away. Plus, her character kicks ass.

And one last word before I ask you what you love about this show: please don't say anything if it's about the last three episodes of the most recent season. I haven't watched them yet, so... no spoilers for me.

So, if you've read this far... what do you love about Elementary?

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