Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016? Already?

Easing myself back into the swing of everything libr* in my life, my professional commitments and responsibilities both on and off my campus. I have been working on a couple of posts - one sharing my thoughts about something Jenica Rogers wrote towards the end of last year (about better serving minority students) and another about how I manage to achieve my particular brand of theoretical eclecticism - but neither are to the point where I'm ready to share.

I started to beat myself up for it, but then I remembered I'm fighting whatever is going around my building right now (everybody but me seems to have been sick over break). I also remembered the one change I'm going to make this year, besides reading more books I already own, is to be kinder to myself. Further, not only am I trying to be kinder to myself, I'm trying to really mean it.

This dog is how it felt when I was being kind to myself in the past:


This is how I want it to feel:


So here it is, 2016. Kindness, both to ourselves and to others, needs to be everyone's resolution. And I'm practicing what I preach.

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  1. Do you mind linking to the article by Jenica Rogers? I'm relatively new to the site and I'm interested in reading her thoughts on this important topic! Thank you!