Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Library Science Is Not Enough

Obviously I want you to read libr* stuff, since that's what this blog is. But we need to fight the insularity and get outside the echo chamber. This isn't the first time I've brought this up. Back in April, I wrote a post about the reading I do outside of library science, but that was all about books. This time I want to talk about some of the non-libr* blogs and websites I read for professional development purposes, so here they are:
What about you? What kinds of non-library oriented blogs do you read?


  1. I like Gizmodo for my tech info, I've gotten some good discussion topic info for class from there.

    1. I don't go there regularly, but have read some of their stuff. Good one.

  2. I really like Ars Technica for tech/science news as well. Plus they do long format articles and series which is a nice change of pace. It's like real journalism with research and all.

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  4. I'm a big ole Apple nerd, so I read John Gruber's Daring Fireball and Jim Dalrymple's The Loop blogs. I also regularly follow NPR on various social networks (and radio) to stay up on "real" news, and I have a print (!) subscription to WIRED, which I'm always months behind on reading.

  5. I tend to read the Verge for the technology sector and listen/read NPR (the Planet Money program in particular) for my weekly news intake. I also read Lifehacker for productivity/technology information.