Thursday, April 4, 2019

Just for Fun: Cute Gifs Galore

First, the G in "gif" is pronounced like the G in "girl".

Second, thought I'd take this just for fun post and share some of my favorite and most used (perhaps abused?) gifs. Just a quick little fun post to serve as a respite before you plunge back into the void that is contemporary culture. Also, I feel the need to balance the heavy post I published earlier this week.

Not feeling sure of yourself? This cat knows that feel.

Feeling exceptionally sure of yourself? Like you could take on a monster many many times bigger than you? This cat is right there with you.

So excited about something good that you can't stand it? Monsieur Wigglebutt is on your wavelength.

Feeling the opposite? Hate the entire world? Here's a different kind of canine who agrees 100%.

And one more emotional spectrum... are you feeling bad about something you did wrong? Like this cat?

Or know you did wrong, but don't care at all?

I hope this string of relatively nonsensical gifs has put a smile on your face. If you need more cute, please remember I have a semi-curated collection of cute and distracting gifs over on my Pinboard account, ready at a moment's notice to help you find a smile.

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