Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I'm in the same situation I was about a year ago: a few things in various stages of written, but none that I think are ripe for finishing and publishing. So I'm once again looking for suggestions.


Here's what I'd like to hear about... do you:
  1. Have an idea for a topic that you don't feel comfortable covering yourself?
  2. Want me to revisit something I've talked about in the past?
  3. Have some other kind of question/idea for which you'd like to see my response?
  4. Want me to revisit a topic I've covered in the past?
Hit me up! Email me or @ me or comment here. I'm waiting to hear from you!



  1. I'm interested in every aspect regarding embedded [academic] librarianship. I loved your "Milk Bowl" post (http://letterstoayounglibrarian.blogspot.de/2017/03/my-milk-bowl-brings-all-cats-to-yard.html), for example, and I would be happy to read more on these topics from different points of view.

  2. Have you done a post before about how you decided you wanted to become a manager and that process more generally? I would love to read something like that. I suspect such a post exists but I couldn't find a good way to search for it in the archives.