Thursday, April 7, 2016

Just For Fun: "Let Life Be Like Music"

The title of this post comes from a short poem by Langston Hughes. That line fits so perfectly with this month's topic: songs I use for specific purposes in my life. I was listening to my comfort song (see below) last week, and it occurred to me, after I'd explained the reason I was listening to that one song again and again, that everyone who likes music should have songs like these that they can pull out at a moment's notice. Here are my categories, and the songs I use.

A Song that Always Makes Me Happy
I'm sure I'd heard "Ode to Joy" before I saw The Money Pit, but I know that movie is what made me fall in love with the song. There are lots of versions of this song out there, including one performed by Beaker (singing all the different parts), but my very favorite - the one I turn up as high as my speakers will go when nobody else is in the library and I'm working late, is below.

A Song that Comforts Me
The music part of this song is right up my alley - a style of music I call "whiny white rock/folk" - but it's the lyrics that touch me most when I listen to "All Will Be Well," by The Gabe Dixon Band.

My Psych Up Song
I love Jamiroquai. There's something about the combination of funk and jazz, with some pop and rock and disco thrown into the mix, that has always struck a chord (pun intended). Of all their songs, though, "Use the Force" is by far my favorite. I love the lyrics and the music and the beat and... well, I love everything about this song. "I must believe I can do everything."

A Song I Love to Sing
I grew up in the 80s, so there was no escaping the voice of Stevie Nicks on the radio. And I loved her voice. Still do. Best of all, my vocal range is very similar to hers, which means singing along to her music is natural and fun for me. A few years back, I heard "Landslide," a song she wrote and performed with Fleetwood Mac on my ride to work. It wasn't the first time I'd heard it, but something about that time made the lyrics feel fresh and new. It's been my favorite song to sing ever since.

A Song that Makes Me Dance
Just press play and you'll hear why I cannot be still while this song is playing. Well, since this is the official video, you have to wait for the initial dialog to pass. (I love the production quality of Outkast videos.) But really, even as I type this sentence, listening to this song is making typing hard because I'm dancing in my seat. Love Outkast. Love "Hey Ya!"

How about you? Do you have a psych up song? A comfort song? A different category that I didn't cover here?

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  1. Thanks for the introduction to some new music. Those are quite the outfits in the last one! Never liked green quite so much before!