Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pretty Please Write for Me?


I posted the above picture on Twitter, and have since gotten a few offers of posts from fantastic people. I even got a draft of a somewhat delayed post from someone who had previously promised to write! I will follow up with everyone, but I want to cast the net a little wider.

These guest posts are definitely favors people do for me. Please, those of you who have offered to write in the past but who have not sent me anything yet, this is not any kind of condemnation. We all have busy lives in this field. Even big university libraries run into the "do more with less" mentality, so I'm not even vaguely upset.

But please, all of you - graduate students in the field, paraprofessionals, university librarians who are about to retire - you do have something to say. Some small piece of advice you could pass on. Please use the link above to learn about what goes into a guest post, and contact me (use Twitter or the email address at the page about guest posts).

So, please consider writing for this blog? And, for just considering it...

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