Thursday, August 7, 2014

Just For Fun: Old Lady Kitty

I'm a bit obsessed with my cat. Well, more than "a bit." But really, she's great cat and she's definitely obsession worthy. Her given name is Holly Golightly (yes, I was going through a heavy duty Audrey Hepburn phase when my cat came into my life), but I almost never call her. Instead, she is, variously,
  • Holly
  • Fuzz Face
  • Fuzzy Butt
  • Fuzzy Buttons
  • Fussy Buttons
  • Bossy Britches
  • Feline Overlord
  • Her Royal Highness
  • HRH Princess Holly Butt, which, when I said that on Twitter, led to one of my favorite tweets of all time:

I figured it was high time I write about her here. Or at least show you some of my favorite pictures:

If there's even a teeny amount of lap available, she wants it.

Holly was a shelter cat, but I didn't pick her. No. She picked me. I was looking for an adult cat, and she fit the bill at 2 years old, so I chatted with her briefly. When I thought we were done, I bent down to chat with the cat in the cage below. That's when Holly made her move and swatted me on my shoulder. I stood up and she meowed while looking me in the eye. It was as if she was saying, "Can we please just go home already, silly furless ape?" That's the moment I fell in love.

My current apartment has a porch. She loves it.

She's moved around the country almost as much as I have. Holly has lived in 7 states so far. That's a lot of moving for a little (8.5 pounds) cat.

I know all cats do this, but it always tickles me when she sleeps like a pretzel.

And make no mistake: she is NOT my furchild. She is my furboss. I'm definitely not the one in charge here.

I am cat furniture.

The 16th anniversary of the moment when she picked me is at the end of this month. Yes, that makes her 18. (No, I'm not going to let her register to vote, even if she would vote for the same candidates I pick.) I'm glad I measured up to her standards back then, because it's for sure that I haven't measured up since. Here, my very first YouTube is video evidence of how disappointed she is in me:

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