Thursday, March 6, 2014

Just for Fun: Batty

I've loved bats for a long time now. What's not to love, right? Okay, I know my love of bats and rats and snakes and other animals that are traditionally abhorred seems strange to some, especially when you consider my fear of monkeys. It's precisely because I've realized that not everyone appreciates bats the way that I do that I've put my chiropterophilia into action lately. Sometimes I tweet with the hashtag #probatagenda, but other times I just find super cute pictures to share:

But, in the interests of possibly converting some of you to my way of seeing things, here are some important facts about bats:
  1. Bats are responsible for a lot of pollination, including some of my favorite fruits like bananas, guavas, and mangoes.
  2. Bats do an amazing job at pest control. Especially mosquitoes.
  3. Bats are suffering from a deadly plague right now, called White Nose Syndrome.
  4. Heck, even BuzzFeed knows that bats are cool.

But really, my love of bats is because I think they are cute cute CUTE. Look at these guys!



I want to leave you with one not so cute (well, partially cute) YouTube, but it's a zefrank so it's also incredibly not safe for work in parts:

How about you? Do you like bats?


  1. I'm with you! My SO never understands when I try to explain that opossums are cute, too!

  2. The upside down photo is PRECIOUS!