Thursday, January 2, 2014

Just For Fun: Come Downstairs and Say Hello

I can't believe I've been writing these monthly just-for-fun posts for as long as I have, and haven't yet gotten around to writing about Guster. If I'm experiencing a bout of crankypantsitis, almost nothing puts me back in a good mood more quickly than listening to their music. I've seen them live more than any other group - which might not seem like saying much, since I've only seen them twice, but I'm normally satisfied seeing even beloved musical acts once and only once. Really... I'd watch Guster perform every single night, that's how much I love them. (And since they've made noise about working on a new studio album, I'll get a chance to see them again soon.)

The joy for me isn't just in their music (which I love to an insane degree). Okay, there is actually joy there, but my favorite thing about them is how Guster obviously loves what they do. The first time I saw them live, the soundboard had electrical issues. Instead of going off stage to wait, the band shushed the audience (not an easy feat, considering I saw them perform on a college campus as part of a Spring Fling type event), and went acoustic. When I saw them again recently, they played a game where everyone had to move a certain number of seats to the right but leave their instruments behind. This resulted in Brian Rosenworcel, the band's drummer, singing. Brian is *not* a good singer, and he didn't remember all of the lyrics, but the rest of the band laughed long and hard at Brian's dismay and that made the audience laugh. It was hella entertaining, and that's what matters with a live performance. Besides, as someone who was born in Boston, I am duty-bound to be gaga about at least one band from that city.

Add to that the fact that they have a habit of doing amazing covers of songs I already loved, and it's a recipe for obsession.

How about you? Is this your first exposure to the group, or are you a Gusterrhoid, too?

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  1. OMGoodness... You had me at GUSTER! I just started following 'Letters to a Young Librarian' a few weeks ago and this post alone has zipped it to the top of my list of favorite blogs!

    I'm mad about Guster and see them every chance I get, which usually involves driving at least 8 hours as I'm located in Montana.

    Thanks for spreading the good word of Guster around! Librarians take note and purchase their CDs so your patrons can enjoy as well!!