Thursday, February 7, 2013

First Thursday's Just For Fun: Celebrikitties

At some point in the not to distant past, I realized that I have little to no use for human celebrities on Twitter and/or Facebook. I do follow/like a few, but most of them don't know how to use social media (which is, admittedly, true of the broader population as well). They post too much or too little, are too personal or too impersonal, etc.

Who do I follow, then? Well, a lot of librarians mostly, but there's a growing number of celebrity cats in my feeds. Here are some of my favorites:


Who is Sockington? First, how do you not know that? Second, he was one of the first big internet celebrikitties. He has 1.4 Million followers on Twitter. What does he tweet about? Exactly what you'd expect cats to tweet about... which is hilarious if you're a crazy cat lady or gent. Plus he's had a song written about him:

Henri, le Chat Noir

Poor Henri. He rocketed to fame more recently, due to the efforts of the "thieving filmmaker," but Henri continues to feel completely misunderstood. He is also plagued by ennui. Don't believe me? Hear it in Henri's own words:

Colonel Meow

The Colonel demands your obedience, your kitty treats, and your scotch - but only if it's the good scotch. None of that cheap crap for the Colonel.

So how about you? What kind of celebrikitties and celebridogs do you follow/like?


  1. My favorite of Maru! he so cute and has been going for years now! see he even has a wikipedia entry!
    I sit with kids and cats around me watching his latest adventures at home!

    1. I agree - Maru is pretty fab. His box obsession knows no moderation.

  2. I like to watch kitties, but unfortunately I'm very allergic to them. I do have a puppy though, and I quite enjoy Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund:
    He is a famous celebrity, in his own mind. Very cute.

  3. I'm a Maru fan also, and for something different, the best is Talking Kitty - (NSFW language). There's a whole series that cracks up both myself and my husband.