Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Thursday's Just For Fun: Bloggeration

Last month, I gabbled on and on about the webcomics I love. You agreed with many of my choices (yay!) and even introduced me to some new ones. That was so much fun that I figured I'd continue in the same vein for the new "Just for Fun" post, and talk about some of the non-libr* blogs I follow. Before you go any further, remember I'm both a crazy cat lady and a big ol' nerd. You still in? Good.

So, in no particular order, here they are:

BoingBoing is a random collection of awesome, including some library related materials. Posts range from esoteric to nerdy to simply cool. Some of my recent favorites are "Haunting photos from Fukushima, one year later: 'Invisible You,' by Satoru Niwa," "Star Wars pancake molds," and "Stained glass TARDIS."

The Daily Squee 
This is pure, unadulterated, cuteness. Each picture is more squee than the last. Recent favorites are "Drink Me Up" (a cheetah cub), "Bow Down Before Me" (a sleepy ferret), and "But Doc, I'm Not Sick" (a red panda getting a vet check).

The Daily What is another random collection of awesome. Lots of news, interesting videos, and random cute things. Recent favorites are "Not Dead Yet of the Day" (a woman got up out of her coffin and made herself breakfast), "Toy Chain Boycott of the Day" (some doofuses are planning to boycott Toys R Us over Archie featuring a same sex couple getting married), and "Kids Unintentionally Say The Darndest Swear Words of the Day" (NSFW, but cute).

The Daily What Geek is The Daily What's geeky kid sister. All the random goodness I expect from The Daily What, but with an amped up geek factor. Recent favorites are "T-Rex Bite Study of the Day," "Star Wars Yoga Posters of the Day," and "Interesting Ethics Study of the Day."

There are more I follow, but I think that's enough for now. Besides, I want to hear from you. What non-libr* blogs do you follow, and why?


  1. One of my favorities is The Kitchn, Between the recipes, tips, and suggestions, it is a great resource - and fun!

  2. I usually like Mashable but they've been flaky with Pinterest & Bieber articles. :-/